Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beautiful Day

Ok - so it's been awhile - as usual! But, I'm bound and determined to keep going with this blog. I'm not sure anyone has even read it since I last posted. Oh well!

We have had a fabulous day today! The weather here is FANTASTIC! It is about as good as anyone could ask for and I think it is supposed to last through this week. . . YAY! Anyway, after church we loaded up our bikes and some food for lunch and drove out to the lake for a picnic. Mom and Ray met us and we found the perfect little spot in the shade. Colt got to do LOTS of bikeriding and we enjoyed grilled hot dogs and SMORES! YUM! It certainly wasn't anything fancy but we had such a good time just relaxing and enjoying this beautiful weather. These opportunities to spend time with each other - outdoors - don't happen very often in AR so I'm thankful that today's weather was cooler . . . and that all of our schedules "jived" . . . that REALLY doesn't happen very often!

Here are some pics of our day! Jordan was there but left early to go workout. Unfortunately, he left before I got my camera out. . . I'll catch him the next time!

Oh well - gotta go for now! Gotta get geared up for the first FULL week of school (and traffic)! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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